Venus Square Venus

Natal Aspect: Venus Square Venus

Often referred to as the planet of love and beauty, Venus’s influence in your natal chart is about more than just your romantic inclinations. It’s your aesthetic sense, your style of harmony, your approach to finances, and your social tendencies. When you have a Venus square Venus aspect in your natal chart, it signifies a dynamic tension between the ways you seek to create balance, indulge in pleasures, and express love.

This aspect can make you keenly aware of discrepancies in your relationships and surroundings, and you may find yourself in a constant pursuit to “perfect” these areas. You may question your own self-worth and seek external validation, often through material possessions or an idealized image of love. This constant push-pull tension can lead to unease until you learn to appreciate and love yourself as you are.

However, this aspect can also be a catalyst for growth. The friction of Venus square Venus can spark creativity, driving you to explore various forms of artistic expression. Furthermore, your journey towards self-acceptance can make you a deeply empathetic and compassionate individual, always seeking to alleviate tension in your environment and in the lives of those around you.

Transit Aspect: Venus Square Venus

Transits are about energies that come and go, influencing periods of our life. When Venus squares your natal Venus, it can stir up unease in the spheres Venus governs—love, beauty, and financial matters.

In the realm of relationships, you might experience a brief phase of discord or dissatisfaction. This could manifest as feeling unappreciated, or you might sense a disparity between your expectations and reality. In financial matters, you could face challenges around spending, with a tendency to indulge in luxury purchases as a means to find temporary pleasure or validation.

However, these seemingly disruptive effects are not without purpose. The Venus square Venus transit encourages introspection, asking you to re-evaluate your relationships and your personal worth, separate from material possessions. It’s a time to explore what truly brings you joy and satisfaction.

Furthermore, it can ignite your creative flame. As you grapple with inner tension, you may find new, beautiful ways to express yourself. This period can also make you more empathetic towards others, understanding their struggles as you navigate your own. Remember, like all transits, this too shall pass, leaving you with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of your own needs.

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