Meet our team of astrologers


John Anderson

John Anderson – Natal Astrology Specialist

John is a seasoned astrologer specializing in natal astrology. With a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a master’s degree in Psychology, John decided to devote his life to understanding the human mind and spirit through the lens of astrology.

His two decades of experience have given him a deep understanding of birth charts and how the placement of planets at the time of birth can affect an individual’s life and personality. He is known for his empathetic approach, which allows him to deliver insightful and personalized readings.

Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez - Synastry and Relationship Astrology Expert

Maria is our in-house expert on synastry and relationship astrology. She holds a degree in Sociology, with a particular focus on interpersonal relationships.

Maria began her journey with astrology as a hobby, but it quickly evolved into a full-time passion and profession. She’s known for her warm, honest, and non-judgmental approach to helping people understand their relationships better through the lens of the stars.

Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell - Expert in Predictive Astrology

Sam is our astrologer dedicated to predictive astrology and is the author of numerous articles on transits and progressions. He holds a master’s degree in Astronomy and got fascinated with astrology during his early academic years.

Sam combines his understanding of the celestial bodies’ movements with astrological knowledge to make incredibly accurate predictions. He’s been with AstroDiem for over 15 years, bringing his scientific perspective to the world of astrology.

Lily Turner

Lily Turner – Expert in Medical Astrology

Lily is a specialist in medical astrology. A trained psychologist with a deep interest in holistic healing practices, Lily turned to astrology to help individuals find unique paths to wellness.

With ten years of experience, Lily’s expertise lies in deciphering health patterns through a person’s astrological chart, combining her psychology background with her passion for astrology.

Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson – Specialist in Vocational Astrology

Jack is our resident expert in vocational astrology. He has a background in career counseling and human resources, and he discovered astrology as a means to help people find their true career paths. Jack can provide insights into a person’s skills, strengths, and potential career paths based on their astrological profile. He’s passionate about helping people align their careers with their life purpose.

Emma Brown

Emma Brown – Specialist in Spiritual Astrology

Emma is our astrologer specializing in spiritual astrology. Emma holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and uses astrology as a tool for spiritual development and self-discovery. She uses astrology to identify life lessons, soul purposes, and spiritual growth opportunities. Emma’s approach is compassionate and inspirational, helping clients find peace and clarity on their spiritual journeys.