John Anderson – Natal Astrology Specialist

John Anderson’s fascination with the cosmos and the human psyche set the foundation for his journey into astrology.

From his early years studying Philosophy at a bachelor’s level, John was captivated by life’s fundamental queries concerning the existence and human nature.

His thirst for knowledge spurred him to delve deeper into the human mind, earning him a master’s degree in Psychology. But his academic pursuits didn’t stop there. John discovered a profound synergy between Philosophy, Psychology, and Astrology, leading to his calling as an astrologer.

Choosing to dedicate his life to understanding the human spirit through the lens of astrology, John found his specialization in natal astrology.

With its focus on birth charts, Natal astrology serves as a roadmap for John to interpret a person’s character, skills, strengths, and life challenges. His twenty-year-long journey in this field has provided him with a profound understanding of how the placement of celestial bodies at the time of birth can significantly influence an individual’s life and personality.

John’s empathetic approach to astrology creates a welcoming and supportive environment for his clients.

His emotional intelligence and academic grasp of human behavior empower him to provide insightful, personalized readings. These readings are academically robust and easily digestible, allowing clients to comprehend and apply his imparted wisdom readily.

Appreciated for his warm, personable approach, John has a knack for translating complex astrological concepts into practical advice. His clients value his wisdom, compassion, and genuine interest in guiding them through life’s journey.

As a key member of the AstroDiem team, John continues his mission of utilizing natal astrology to inspire, empower, and guide individuals on their path to self-discovery.

Notably, John’s seasoned expertise primarily informs our free horoscopes—daily, weekly, and monthly.

This extension of his service allows a broader audience to benefit from his astute astrological insights.

John Anderson’s legacy at AstroDiem embodies the fusion of academic rigor, practical wisdom, and profound empathy—a testament to his commitment to guiding individuals on their unique life journeys.