Professional birth chart reading

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Get a personalized birth chart from our astrologer with years of experience. We offer fast delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The stars outline your unique profile: Dive deep with your personalized birth chart, which uncovers everything from psychological nuances, career potential to relationship dynamics.

Explore your strengths and areas for development.

You’ll be surprised by what your horoscope reveals!

You receive the horoscope by email, and it can be read on all devices: computer, tablet, and mobile.


Your personalized birth chart covers a wide range of topics divided into several sections to provide an in-depth insight into your personality, emotional state, intellectual capabilities, business potential, relationship dynamics and much more. Sections include:

  1. Psychological Profile: Analysis of your emotional tendencies, strengths, and challenges.
  2. Self-Esteem: Discussion on what your self-esteem is linked to and the challenges you may face.
  3. Negative and Positive Traits: Consideration of your strengths and areas that could use improvement.
  4. Intellect: Assessment of your thinking, reflections, and mental approach.
  5. Occupation: Insights into your professional tendencies, work style, and career paths.
  6. Inner Self: Exploration of your innermost being and personal development.
  7. Needs – Strengths: An analysis of your basic needs and how these affect your personality.
  8. Relationships and Marriage: Considerations around your relationships and how you function in romantic contexts.
  9. Concluding Remarks: General advice and opportunities for personal development.

Each section contributes to a comprehensive understanding of you from different perspectives that together provide a full picture of your personality according to astrology.

Horoscope length:

  • The horoscope is between 14 to 17 pages long.

Delivery time:

  • The horoscope is delivered within 1-2 business days.


  • You will also receive your horoscope chart/drawing


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