Judgement – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright meaning: Judgment, rebirth, inner calling, absolution, self-evaluation, awakening.

Reversed meaning: Self-doubt, refusal of self-examination, fear of change, ignoring the call.

Judgement Description

The Judgement card depicts an angel, with wings spread, blowing a trumpet, while people below raise their arms in joyous anticipation. The mountains in the background represent insurmountable obstacles and the water between them is a symbol of subconscious mind.

This card signifies a time for evaluation of oneself and actions. It suggests that you are at a point where a decision or judgment must be made. The Judgement card suggests that you have had a recent realization or ‘calling’ to fulfill your potential and purpose.

It’s about recognizing mistakes, learning from them, and being accountable for your actions. In essence, it represents an awakening, where you are drawing towards a point of significant change, led by your past experiences.

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