Strength – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright Meaning: Courage, patience, control, compassion, inner strength, endurance.

Reversed Meaning: Self-doubt, lack of self-discipline, insecurity, raw emotion, weakness, impulsiveness.

Strength Description

The Strength card features a woman calmly taming a lion. Her calmness embodies inner strength and the spiritual power to overcome challenges. The woman represents the subconscious mind, while the lion represents our primal instincts.

The infinity symbol above her head, just like in The Magician card, signifies infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. The mountain in the background is a symbol of the hurdles or obstacles that we face in life and the success achieved by overcoming them.

The Strength card represents not physical strength but inner strength. It speaks to the inner power and fortitude that come from understanding, patience, compassion, and soft control. The Strength card tells you that you are stronger than you realize. It’s about mastering raw emotions to bring calm to a situation, managing fear, and being assertive without dominance.

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