Temperance – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright meaning: Balance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning, harmony, cooperation.

Reversed meaning: Imbalance, excess, lack of long-term vision, impatience, discord, conflict.

Temperance Description

The Temperance card shows an angel, who is both masculine and feminine, pouring water from one cup into another – a process that forms an eternal loop. The angel has one foot in the water, symbolizing the subconscious, and one foot on land, symbolizing the material world. Above the angel’s forehead is a symbol of the sun, providing life and spiritual energy.

The path before the angel leads to a shining crown around which the mountains tower, symbolizing an enlightened journey and the attainment of higher consciousness. The whole setting is calm and serene.

Temperance signifies balance, moderation, and patience. It suggests you need to learn to bring about balance, patience, and moderation in your life. You should take the middle road, avoiding extremes and maintaining a sense of calm.

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