The Empress – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright Meaning: Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance, nurturing, pleasure, sensuality.

Reversed Meaning: Dependence, smothering, emptiness, neglect, lack of growth, creative block, financial instability.

The Empress Description

Adorned in a star-covered gown, the Empress sits on her throne amidst a verdant landscape symbolizing her connection with Mother Earth and life itself. A crown of twelve stars on her head represents her dominance over the year, the zodiac, and the constellations of the heavens.

The scepter she holds symbolizes her power over life, her crown, a symbol of her status as a ruler. The shield by her side carries the symbol for Venus, the planet of love, beauty, fertility, and abundance. The wheat growing at her feet and the pomegranates on her dress are further symbols of fertility and abundance.

The Empress encourages us to connect with our sensuality and indulge in the beauty of the natural world. Her presence in a reading may suggest a period of abundance, creativity, and fertility. It could also symbolize a nurturing figure in your life or the potential for growth in various aspects of your life.

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