The Moon – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright meaning: Illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, intuition, dreamlike state.

Reversed meaning: Release of fear, repressed emotion, inner confusion, unveiling illusions, clarity.

The Moon Description

The Moon card depicts a full moon in the night sky, positioned between two large towers. The Moon is a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. Below the moon, a wolf and a dog represent the wild and domestic aspects of our minds. A crayfish emerges out of the water, symbolizing the early stages of consciousness unfolding.

The path leads off into the distance, symbolizing the path to the unconscious, or the unknown. The mountains represent the realm of the unconscious.

The Moon is a card of illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears, causing errors in your judgment. It may indicate a time of uncertainty and potential danger, steering you toward caution and alertness.

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