The Sun – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright meaning: Joy, success, celebration, positivity, vibrancy, enlightenment, vitality.

Reversed meaning: Inner child, feeling down, overly optimistic, lack of success, negativity.

The Sun Description

The Sun card depicts a bright sun, representing warmth, vitality, and enlightenment, shining down on a small child who is riding a white horse. The child represents the joy of being connected with your inner spirit, and his nakedness is a sign of his innocence and freedom.

The child holds a red flag, symbolizing the lively, free spirit of humans. The horse represents strength and nobility. In the background, there are sunflowers, symbolizing life, joy, and satisfaction, and the fence signifies the need to enjoy simple pleasures.

The Sun represents success, radiance, and abundance. It brings joyful energy, inspiration, and the assurance that all is going well and will continue to go well.

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